Secure Seasonal Comfort with Portable Heat Pumps

Portable heat pumps provide heating, cooling, and dehumidification solutions, giving you the ability to adapt your facility to seasonal temperature changes with ease.

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a stuffy, hot space in the summertime or the bitter cold in wintertime.

When it comes to providing effective climate control inside commercial spaces and industrial buildings, it’s about more than just comfort; the stakes are higher protecting workers, equipment, and goods — all among the most valuable assets to any successful business. Portable heat pumps are the best units to provide the most efficient, all-in-one solution for cooling, heating, and dehumidification in various settings and environments.

A heat pump’s triple function makes this type of unit the most versatile to supplement or back up an HVAC system in a variety of settings, and it’s absolutely an asset to have on hand to control indoor climate amid seasonal temperature changes.

Portable Heat Pumps: The Ultimate 3-in-1 Indoor Climate Control Solution

Portable heat pumps are a highly efficient solution for spot heating, spot cooling, dehumidification in commercial and industrial settings, offering more benefits than the traditional electric space heater or air conditioner. Heat pumps are perfectly suited for a range of environments:

  • Busy office buildings
  • Bustling retail and dining spaces
  • High-demand manufacturing plants
  • Vast industrial storage areas and warehouses
  • Schools, universities, and educational institutions
  • Hospitals, nursing homes, and all healthcare facilities


With their quiet operation and simple plug-in setup, these units redefine efficiency, utilizing a refrigerant to adjust to the temperature of any space without the hefty energy bill. Portable heat pumps provide long-term savings and environmental benefits, all while perfecting indoor temperature and humidity.

With optimal performance in moderate to hot climates, heat pumps respond effectively in temperatures ranging between 45ºF to 115ºF. These units are designed to excel in fluctuating weather — from unexpected cold fronts to sudden heat waves and even the daily temperature shifts from chilly mornings to warm afternoons. A portable heat pump is a versatile, user-friendly indoor climate control solution that can transform how a business maintains an ideal temperature — because every successful business deserves HVAC capabilities that are just as adaptable and dynamic.

What To Know When Using Portable Heat Pumps

Portable heat pumps offer plenty of versatility, but they are not a set-and-go solution for every business or environment. While these units are designed to be an innovative option for climate control solutions in commercial spaces, it’s best to understand the upsides and downsides of using a portable heat pump.

Definite Pros:
  • Convenient, Compact, and Lightweight: Portable heat pumps are smaller and weigh less than large HVAC systems. The units run on standard electrical power for easy integration into most settings, providing both heating and cooling in a single unit. The best part is heat pumps require minimal maintenance and are covered under a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Easy to Install, Use, and Move: Portable heat pumps are simple to set up, providing the benefits of indoor temperature control at the touch of a button. A portable heat pump is a turnkey solution for facility managers due to its user-friendly, easy-to-move design.
  • Safe, Energy-Efficient, and Versatile: Portable heat pumps lead to lower operating costs due to reduced power use compared to running separate heating and cooling systems. The electric operation eliminates the risks associated with gas furnaces, such as undetected leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning. Many portable heat pumps offer a third benefit of dehumidification, ensuring year-round comfort without additional equipment.
What to Consider:
  • Coverage Area: Portable heat pumps are most effective in spaces ranging from 500 to 3,000 sq. ft. An additional unit may be required for larger areas to provide complete climate control in expansive spaces.
  • Air Purification: Heat pumps can be used with a HEPA bracket and filter accessory to clean and improve indoor air quality. This add-on will take the heat pump from 3-in-1 to four benefits in one portable unit.
  • High-demand manufacturing plants
  • Power Requirements: Heat pumps require specific power requirements, so be sure to know what capabilities a building needs and has when looking for a unit.


Before making a decision, consider this short list to ensure a portable heat pump meets your specific needs. To make the best, most informed decision, consult with an HVAC expert — like TEMP-AIR® Equipment Sales.

Work with TEMP-AIR® Equipment Sales to Find the Right Portable Heat Pump for You

Which portable heat pump is right for you? TEMP-AIR® Equipment Sales offers a full range of units manufactured by Airrex:

  • AHSC-14P 1.25-Ton Heat Pump: With a cooling capacity of 13,600 BTU/h and a heating capacity of 13,600 BTU/h, this unit features easy maintenance and three climate control solutions. It is perfect for rooms under 500 square feet.
  • AHSC-18P 1.5-Ton Heat Pump: With a cooling and heating capacity of 16,800 BTU/h, this unit boasts cooling and heating in one with simple digital controls. It’s ideal for areas between 600 square feet.
  • AHSC-42 3.5-Ton Heat Pump: With a cooling capacity of 42,000 BTU/h and a heating capacity of 47,000 BTU/h, this unit’s multifunctional uses are suitable for a variety of environments and spaces ranging from 1,000 to 1,500 square feet. This unit is ETL approved for indoor or outdoor use.
  • AHSC-60 220/1 or AHSC-60 480/3 5-Ton Heat Pump: With a cooling and heating capacity of 60,000 BTU/h, this unit provides high-capacity heating and cooling abilities for large spaces around 2,000 square feet. This unit is ETL approved for indoor or outdoor use.


When you’re ready to make the leap with a reliable HVAC equipment provider, browse our inventory and call us at 1-866-373-2474. TEMP-AIR® Equipment Sales offers the market’s most reliable portable climate control equipment, including an exhaustive lineup of units for cooling, heating, air quality, and dehumidification from the best manufacturers. Your satisfaction won’t end there. With our focus on customer service, your needs are our top priority. Don’t waste another moment in undesirable conditions. Partner with TEMP-AIR® Equipment Sales today.

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